Re-shaping a well-known brand
A Boots case study

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Page 5: Brand development

Boots 4 Image 5In redeveloping the brand, it was important to position 17 as the teenage power brand in a way which would further develop Boots’ relationship with the teenage market. The key
objective for the development of the brand and the re-positioning process was to investigate the relationship between 17 and Boots to ensure that the consumer understanding of Boots matched the intended brand personality. Research showed that for younger respondents, brands were a statement of growing up. 17 was viewed as a developing personality with a number of underlying core attributes such as:

  • good quality
  • sophisticated packs
  • logo
  • reasonably priced
  • good range of products and colours
  • not No 7.

The vast majority of respondents knew that 17 was only found in Boots. Although they felt that Boots and 17 had different personalities, they thought they worked together for mutual benefit. Boots had the quality, locations and environment while 17 had the understanding of teenagers and new ideas.

Feeding into strategies

A key benefit of using consumer research is the direction it provides for a range of marketing activities such as advertising. Consumers felt that Boots ‘should advertise more’, building the brand through different methods of advertising. In order to make the advertising relevant for young people, advertising should be through:

  • television advertising
  • cinema
  • bill boards
  • buses
  • concerts.

Promotions were also viewed as a key element of the re-positioning process
with five areas identified:

  1. a bigger area given over to 17 to include testers and new products
  2. information such as how to put make-up on as well as send off for advice
  3. discounts, samples and offers
  4. promotion by association, such as discounts on cinema tickets and sponsorship
  5. events such as 17 on tour with roadshows and fashion shows.

Boots | Re-shaping a well-known brand