Re-shaping a well-known brand
A Boots case study

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Page 3: The life-cycle of a product

Boots 4 Diagram 1The life-cycle of a product may last for a few months or for hundreds of years. Re-positioning is a way of prolonging the life-cycle of a brand or product. Boots needed to inject new life into the growth period of the 17 brand by adjusting key ingredients of the marketing mix, such as packaging, advertising and promotions.

This was an important moment for the 17 brand. For many users, the in-store displays looked out of date and the packaging and look of the brand needed to be improved. This was a key opportunity for Boots to grow market share and in doing so, encourage existing users of the brand to buy more.

The best brands convey a series of meanings for their customers. For the 15 to 19 year old market, 17 represents a range of values based on ‘girls with attitude’. The aim was to create a communications experience that would provide girls with a broader vision for their activities. The 17 brand would help them feel that girls can get what they want. The functional value of the brand would be to look great physically and this would be complemented by the emotional value of the brand which would encourage them to feel great.

Boots | Re-shaping a well-known brand