Implementing a management development programme
A Britannic Assurance case study

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Page 2: Management forum

Britannic Assurance 7 Image 1Management Forum was aligned to the Certificate in Management, a nationally recognised management qualification. It was designed to:

  • help managers to understand and to develop the core skills needed to survive in a modern business
  • enable managers to think about some of the additional matters on which they should be focusing as part of their own development
  • provide an opportunity for managers to find out about other areas of the business
  • make employees more marketable and improve their employability both to Britannic Assurance and other organisations.

Effective management development achieves at least two purposes. It improves the ways in which a business is managed and it develops the potential of employees. By helping to eliminate a blinkered approach to people and by broadening the possibilities and horizons of employees, it also makes an organisation more attractive to its own employees.

Britannic Assurance | Implementing a management development programme