Competing in a highly regulated environment
A Camelot case study

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Page 3: Regulating the National Lottery

Camelot 7 Image 4The National Lottery Commission regulates the operation of the National Lottery. Its statutory duties are to:

  • protect the interests of participants
  • ensure that the lottery is run and promoted with all due propriety and, subject to these two obligations
  • maximise the returns available for Good Causes.

The Commission has strong powers. Amongst those wide-ranging powers it has the right and duty to:

  • select the company or organisation to run the lottery, award the licence and revoke it if its integrity is compromised
  • determine the number, type and frequency of games that can be offered
  • enforce the conditions under which the licence is granted eg no selling tickets on the street or on bookmakers premises and guaranteed anonymity for winners who request it
  • carry out compliance audits of any area of lottery operation eg making visits to retailers’ premises to ensure compliance such as no sales to under 16s.

The Commission has a range of remedies available to it, including publicly recording licence breaches, imposing fines, seeking enforcement in the High Court and, in extreme cases, revocation.

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