Who dares wins - success through intelligent risk
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 3: Who dares wins!

Organisations do not become successful by sticking rigidly to a tried and tested formula. Of course, they stick to and cement in their core strengths, but in a turbulent and dynamic marketplace, they also adapt and become agents for change. Successful individuals and companies have to keep succeeding, keep challenging themselves to do better to increase their lead.

Today, with hindsight, a number of key people at Coca-Cola recognise that the company has not always been prepared to take the risks that were required to achieve success. In the 6Os and 7Os for example the organisation was somewhat conservative. It became reluctant to take risks, or even initiate change in the core business. Experimentation was confined to diversification away from the core business and into wines, coffee, water desalination and even fish farms. As a result Pepsi-Cola was able to make inroads into US market share, while Coca-Cola continued to expand outside the United States.

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