Improving the performance of manufacturers
A Confederation of British Industry case study

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Page 2: The role of the CBI

Confederation Of British Industry 5 Image 2The CBI, is a national organisation founded to voice the views of its members so that the government of whatever political connection and society as a whole, understands the needs of business. Founded in 1965, the CBI is an independent, non-party political organisation funded entirely by its members in industry and commerce. The CBI’s objective is: ‘to help create and sustain the conditions in which business in the UK can compete and prosper.’

The CBI seeks to influence anybody - whether within government, around the UK regions, throughout Europe and beyond - to achieve this objective. Membership of the CBI is corporate – organisations and companies are members and not the individuals who represent them. Companies associated with the CBI, either directly or indirectly through trade associations, employ well over 10 million people.

The National Manufacturing Council (NMC)

Formed by the CBI in 1992, the National Manufacturing Council consists of representatives from approximately forty manufacturing companies, from large household names to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). Since this time the
NMC has focused upon identifying the key strengths and weaknesses of UK manufacturing.

The NMC focuses on:

  • building a partnership with Government to sustain an economic climate within which the manufacturing industry can prosper
  • improving the status and image of manufacturing in the media, amongst policy makers, politicians, and young people who represent the UK’s future
  • raising the performance levels of manufacturing by encouraging companies to share ‘best practice’ by benchmarking themselves against world class organisations.Benchmarking is a process which identifies the competencies of an organisation against the ‘best-in-class’.

Confederation of British Industry | Improving the performance of manufacturers