Competitive advantage through sustainable product development in construction
A Corus case study

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Page 5: Products and solutions from Corus

This section explains two of the product areas where Corus is developing systems in response to the findings of the external analysis.

Residential solutions

Steel frames for homes and modular residential systems for flats, constructed off-site in a controlled environment to precise specifications (reducing waste), ensuring improved insulation (reducing energy consumption) and air tightness (reducing energy loss). These homes are being produced to the highest comfort and energy efficiency standards that traditional building technology struggles to achieve.

Modular railways platforms

Rail traffic is growing, passenger numbers increased by 30 in the last 5 years. The number of trains increased by 20 but the network is congested and needs to be used more efficiently as mass transit is more environmentally friendly than cars.

To raise capacity on the rail network, the train operating companies are planning to introduce longer trains. However, many station platforms on the existing rail network are too short, resulting in travellers having to walk down the carriage to exit the train.

Corus has developed a system for the rapid construction of new/extended platforms. This allows for the implementation of the longer trains and does not tie up the track for long periods whilst the platform is being installed.

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