Development of a brand through trade mark protection
A Dr Martens case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Dr Martens 2 Image 6The purchase of footwear in the UK reaches nearly £5bn per year, with a large proportion of shoes being imported from low cost producers outside the EU. Competition from these producers has resulted in many UK shoe manufacturers going out of business or seeing their markets gradually eroded.

R Griggs Group Limited, through the successful production of a high quality product that appeals to both the fashion conscious and those seeking comfortable footwear, has survived and prospered. Employing 3,000 in the UK alone and producing 200,000 pairs of shoes per week (10 million pairs per year), the company sees its future as offering further opportunities for growth.

It has done this through a successful branding strategy and the protection of the brand through Trade Marks. This has kept the product distinct in the mind of consumers who recognise it and understand the underlying quality associated with it. Other UK shoe producers have not generally found the same route to success. Moving into international markets and opting for brand extension, the company will be presented with new challenges, which will require the same innovative response as has been seen in the past.

Dr Martens | Development of a brand through trade mark protection