Managing the supply chain for globally integrated products
An Exel case study

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Page 2: Supply chain management

Exel 7 Image 5Based on years of experience and application of state of the art technology, Exel is able to design improved supply chain systems for organsations which add more value for consumers. Creating an effective supply chain involves not only increasing the speed of delivery, but also the quality of delivery – so that the end-consumer will benefit from more desirable and hence more valuable end-products.

With Exel managing the supply chain for a business like Volkswagen or Ford the company is able to concentrate on its core business. Meanwhile, Exel provides innovative solutions as to how to reduce costs and accelerate the movement of products locally, regionally and globally. As well as providing the systems and solutions Exel also manages freight by providing airfreight and sea-freight backed by an extensive transportation network. Customers can track the movement of their goods through an extensive internet based tracking system. Because Exel manages the movement of freight for many companies it is a major purchaser of transportation and is thus able to pass-on the benefits of economies of scale, substantially reducing transport costs for customers that do not have the same purchasing power. In addition Exel organises the warehousing and distribution of goods along the supply chain. With considerable experience in this field it is able to design large-scale distribution outlets which are often shared between various customers who again benefit from economies of scale in storage and distribution.

Supply chain network

In recent years Exel has also enabled a range of businesses to take advantage of business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce activities. For example, a company selling goods to customers using the web is then able to deliver speedily to the end consumer using Exel’s supply chain network. Exel has helped many leading companies across the globe to build effective supply chains including Pepsi-Cola, Unilever and Ford, and plays a key part in many industries such as:

  • chemicals where safe delivery is essential
  • healthcare where prompt delivery and temperature controlled conditions
    are important
  • retailing where cost effective and waste eliminating systems are essential
  • high-tech where instant and regular delivery is essential.

However, this case focuses on the contribution that Exel makes in the automotive industry where Just-In-Time and Lean Production systems are essential.

Exel | Managing the supply chain for globally integrated products