A revolution in banking
A first direct case study

Page 6: Conclusion

First Direct 2 Image 5A major source of First Direct’s success has been its ability to foresee the future. One of the changes which First Direct uncovered, as a result of detailed research, was a growing trend for the UK population to work longer hours and have less free time. In the time-constrained nineties, one in five of the population is prepared to use hard earned cash for more free time. By the year 2000, free time will fall by five hours per week from 65 hours to 60 hours of total time use; this is due to a forecasted increase in work hours and time spent caring for children.

Because of this emerging pattern, as well as generally higher expectations of service standards, companies that offer products and services that are simple, easy and convenient are becoming increasingly popular. First Direct’s philosophy of providing services that fit in with people's lives and its determination to evolve around the needs of the consumer, means that the future is constantly a part of the business strategy of today.

first direct | A revolution in banking


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