Strategies for leadership
A Ford case study

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Page 5: Core principles

Dagenham 2000 principles - It is important that in achieving its strategic results Dagenham also adheres to the declared principles of the business. Dagenham 2000 has developed a number of principles which include:

  • Ford 2 Image 5Customer driven principles – Cars made at Dagenham equals top quality workmanship. Reliable on-time production focussed on zero defects is designed to surpass customer requirements.
  • Business principles - These ensure all areas contribute to shared objectives and drive improvements via benchmarking and competitive product processes and facilities. They also ensure that Dagenham’s cost structure supports Ford Automotive Operation business objectives.
  • Operating principles – Dagenham operates an effective team strategy which, through continuous improvements ensures quality and cost targets are met. The Dagenham quality operating system is compatible with company quality operation and ISO 9002 ensures only the most capable and robust processes are used.
  • People principles - In developing the strategy it has been important to ensure that all contributors are valued. Throughout this process integrity is never compromised. Ford has ensured equal opportunities for all employees. Teamwork has helped to develop high performance and create pride and passion. Ford at Dagenham offers exciting and rewarding careers with lifelong learning. Employees are empowered at all levels. Relationships between employees, unions, dealers and supplier partners are based on trust, cooperation and respect.

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