Building a competitive advantage


Introduction A successful company understands the nature of the environment in which itoperates, and manage to identify how best to gain a competitive advantage over rivals.This is established by firstly carrying out an audit of its existing position.  It must then identify key changes needed to sustain a competitive position in the future, known as competitive strategies. This case study outlines how Bryant Homes, one of the UK’s leading home buildingcompanies, has developed a competitive strategy by: identifying areas of weakness and of strengthidentifying changes in its competitive environmentbuilding forward-thinking strategies to exceed the expectations of all its stakeholders. A major difficulty facing homebuilders in recent years has been the government’s insistence on a change in emphasis in local development plans.  There is a move away from building on greenfield sites and a new emphasis on urban renewal and new housebuilding on brownfield sites. For Bryant Homes, this has created a fresh challenge: how best to make its higher density brownfield homes distinct from rival offerings so that it stays ‘ahead of the game’. Objectives The market for new housing has improved steadily over the last few years.  Consumers have benefited from these improvements; they are offered more attractive designs,...

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