The business of re-invention
A Gardner Merchant case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Gardner Merchant 5 Image 4The organisation that seeks to re-invent itself regularly looks forward to the future rather than back into the past. During April and May 1999 Gardner Merchant ran a multi-media Vision 21 Millennium Roadshow inviting thousands of guests and staff to challenge themselves and their perceptions of the future at a series of roadshows across the country.

In all, there were 250 employees staffing 73 stands – a reflection of the enormous diversity within the company. The aim of the roadshows was to open the debate on what those new challenges will be. By inviting clients, staff and partner suppliers to consider the issues they each face, Gardner Merchant would be in a far better position to adapt its services to help its partners achieve their future goals.

One step towards embracing the future modelled in Vision 21 was the importance of further strengthening a culture of creativity and innovation. The roadshows' Innovations Forum presented 25 of the best practical ideas from around the entire UK. Judging was based on how closely the service mirrored the consumers’ needs.

Constant innovation will not only secure competitive advantage, but will provide the opportunity to answer client needs - sometimes before the questions have even been raised. In the near future Gardner Merchant will continue to change shape - building new operations and perhaps even discarding some as a result of changing client and consumer requirements and changes in the business environment.

In the longer term it is impossible to predict how Gardner Merchant will re-invent itself, although extensive change is sure to take place. As a flexible organisation, change will be welcomed rather than feared.

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