The rebirth of the mgf


Introduction We identify with products in a variety of ways. At a simple level we may buy a coat in order to keep warm or a can of cola to drink. Consumer behaviour is a complex process and we all have complex motives for the things we do. There are probably types of coats we would not be prepared to wear or cans of cola we would not like to be seen drinking in public! A product is therefore not simply a way of keeping us warm or giving us something to drink, it is more than this. It does not meet a single need; the ownership and use of a product involves a whole range of factors which make up the product concept. At the heart of this is the process of branding. A brand comprises a range of features which identify the products of an organisation. For example, a name, sign, term, symbol or other creative element. This case study focuses upon the rebirth of a much-loved brand with a unique British heritage – the MG. The brand originated when Cecil Kimber became General Manager of the Morris Garages dealership in 1922. The business had been founded by…

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