Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment
A GE Oil & Gas case study

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Page 3: Business functions

GE Oil & Gas offers a huge range of roles in a variety of functional areas, collaborating globally to support business needs, including:

  • research & development (R&D) and engineering to create and implement innovative technologies
  • marketing and sales to identify and meet customers’ needs globally
  • human resources (HR) to recruit, train and develop an efficient workforce
  • finance to track the profitability of the business and its projects
  • manufacturing to produce equipment for use in all stages of energy production and distribution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ge Oil Gas 18 Image 43External factors such as the environment and advances in technology can also influence the projects and may require additional expertise and skills. An example is Barrow Island where the Gorgon Project is located. There are a number of unique species of flora and fauna on Barrow Island and its surrounding waters, including 378 species of native plants, 13 species of mammals and four species of protected marine turtles. The island has been a Class A Nature Reserve since 1910 and a Quarantine Management System (QMS) has been implemented to prevent the introduction of non-indigenous species. In line with the Project’s QMS and the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, GE Oil & Gas is required to comply with measures to protect the island’s sensitive environment. For more details please visit

Ge Oil Gas 18 Image 22Every single piece of equipment sent to Barrow Island must comply with the Project’s strict quarantine requirements. For this reason, GE Oil & Gas has implemented its own quarantine management system in Italy, where some of the equipment going to Barrow Island is currently being assembled. These measures have been very successful and were recognised with a recognition award from the Project’s quarantine team.

Advancements in technology are also creating new and exciting job opportunities. For example, the power of big data and analytics helps gain operational advantages through greater speed and higher efficiency. This is what GE calls the ‘Industrial Internet’. The Industrial Internet enables specialised employees to monitor equipment that is installed thousands of miles away, detect early warning signs of potential malfunction and take preventive action. For more information about the 'Industrial Internet' please visit

GE Oil & Gas | Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment