Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment
A GE Oil & Gas case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Ge Oil Gas 18 Image 42A project like Gorgon shows the many types of roles that are key to the future of the industry. These include positions in engineering, research and development, manufacturing, environmental management, finance, IT, HR, sales, marketing, communications and many more, at all levels, all around the world.

GE Oil & Gas is a leader in advanced technologies and services solutions for the oil and gas industry, one that is facing many new challenges. Finding and extracting energy resources is becoming more complex. Projects are often in difficult or remote places, like deeper water, higher pressures and higher temperatures. The company needs new talent to develop the next generation of managers and experts. Only with a combination of innovations in technology and a knowledgeable, skilled workforce can the industry overcome these challenges to meet the world’s future energy demand.

GE Oil & Gas | Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment


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