Taking flight into the future
A GEC Alsthom case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Gec Alsthom 3 Image 5If British Airways World Cargo is to become the most successful air freight carrier in the world, it needs the infrastructure and tools to support its operations. British Airways’ investment has created one of the most sophisticated automated cargo handling systems in the world which puts customer needs first and provides a seamless link in the supply chain. It has created a safe and pleasant environment for both customers and staff and represents a major improvement in efficiency - ensuring the safe and effective handling of customer freight with continuous cargo traceability.

The key driver for the New World Cargocentre is British Airways’ ability to differentiate its products and services. The use of advanced technology process systems, using pan-European experts such as GEC ALSTHOM and Lödige Industries, has successfully created a system with the flexibility required by the airline’s complex operations.

GEC Alsthom | Taking flight into the future