Growth through ingenuity and enterprise


Introduction Everything you use at home, at school, or college has its origins in simple, perhaps ingenious, ideas. However, it takes more than creative thinking to make a good idea work. Good ideas have to be turned into realistic, affordable solutions that people want. This process is known as innovation. It is a mix of ingenuity and enterprise, and has marked every stage of 3M’s 100 year history. Today, 3M continues to drive for original and practical customer-focused solutions, to ensure that 3M maintains its growth and profitability. A century of innovation 3M has been in business for 100 years. In 1902, five young entrepreneurs founded the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. However, the mineral deposit they had planned to mine proved to be useless so they had to ‘think again’. They turned to buying in the mineral necessary to manufacture sandpaper, and their ingenuity and enterprise saved the company and laid the foundations for an entrepreneurial spirit that has shaped the company to this present day. From this shaky start, 3M has maintained a flow of groundbreaking inventions ever since. The company now manufactures and markets more than 50,000 different products for industrial, commercial, health care and consumer markets…

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