Responding to a changing market
A Golden Wonder case study

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Page 5: Repositioning a product

Golden Wonder 4 Image 5Golden Wonder consequently decided to reposition the product and it was relaunched in 1993. The key change was to establish the product’s own identity, moving it away from crisps and establishing it as a potato snack with its own unique taste. The product itself was modified slightly so that the primary claim could now be that there were ‘Less than 99 calories per pack’. This was seen as a key threshold used by many diet products in other markets. Standard crisps have around 150 calories per pack so the reduction in calories was considerable. As Golden Lights were no longer to be marketed as a crisp, it was possible to make them less brittle and softer in response to the results of the consumer testing.

The packaging was changed to reposition the brand away from the mainstream crisps to help create its own brand identity. The Golden Wonder name was now used as a corporate brand name to endorse the quality the customer could expect. The relaunch was extremely successful but Golden Wonder still could not afford to be complacent and continued to monitor and research consumer perceptions and attitudes in this highly competitive and ever changing market. In 1996, further research showed that interest in the low fat sector had shifted again, with the emergence of a desire for ‘inner health’. Controlling calories and looking good were seen as less important and were being replaced by a desire to live longer and better. This desire was embracing men as well as women and their children.

It was time for Golden Lights to be repositioned once again and they were relaunched in 1997 with new flavours, a new texture and new packaging. The primary claim moved back to fat; ‘80% fat free and great tasting’. This was seen as an important advantage over the competition and worthy of prominence. New pack sizes were offered and a 10-pack multipack was introduced. To support this relaunch, various above and below the line promotion strategies have been used, including on-pack offers and cross promotions with other Golden Wonder brands. The company is currently undertaking its biggest sampling campaign ever and so far over 3 million consumers have tried the new product.

Golden Wonder | Responding to a changing market