Increasing Brand Awareness Through Social Media Communications
A Harrods case study

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Page 3: External Communications

There are a number of external communication channels a business can utilise to reach its intended audience, including a company website, marketing materials such as posters, advertisements, emails and telecoms. For Harrods the communication of its luxury brand and values is particularly important in reaffirming that it can cater for every level of luxury. Harrods uses social media to demonstrate that not only can it cater for everyone, but that it is much more than just a famous store. For many of its customers, Harrods represents special moments in time they have shared with family and friends - for example, bringing their children to see the Christmas window displays for the very first time.

A business needs to ensure that it uses social media to its advantage. Any business can set up a Twitter account, but for Harrods the use of social media means ‘rising above the

‘The ability to build loyalty and a continued passion for the Harrods brand via a Tweet or a Facebook/Instagram post is something that our business as a whole takes very seriously.’

By this it means the messages it communicates are presented in such a way that the contentHarrods 19 Image_5 involves and truly engages its audience. Harrods is finding that this is helping to turn new
customers into loyal supporters, and retain those shoppers who are already loyal to the brand and experience that comes with it.

Social media also enables Harrods to reach a more diverse and younger audience through maintaining a strong online presence with a variety of networking sites and by regular updates.

Social media can also be used in partnership with external companies. Harrods offers products from a vast range of luxury brands and works closely with each one to ensure that any marketing information about these products follows their brand guidelines as well Harrods brand guidelines. Further collaboration is undertaken through methods such as retweeting, which means that content reaches a wider audience.

Harrods | Increasing Brand Awareness Through Social Media Communications