Going for growth by investing in people, products and plant
A Hazlewood Sandwiches case study

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Page 6: Investing in products

To stay ahead of the competition, firms need to monitor customer requirements, introduce new products and modify existing product lines. Hazlewood Marketing Department used customer research to establish the requirements of two customer groups:

1. direct customers: retailers

2. end customers: shoppers.

Hazlewood Sandwiches produces the well-known 'Sutherland' brand, and retailer brands for multiple retail customers including Boots, Asda, Safeway, Co-op, Somerfield, Sainsbury & Europa Stores, Esso, Texaco, Total. Retailer-branded sandwiches allow retailers to express their own particular brand values - through such aspects as healthy eating, quality packaging, brand labels, etc. Hazlewood Sandwiches works in partnership with its retail customers to produce specific sandwiches that are ideal for that particular retail outlet's end customers - the consumers.

A team of account and development experts is attached to each of its major customers who work with the retailers to decide on new products, the distribution of existing products, packaging and many other details. In a growing, changing market, new products are continually coming on stream and old ones are modified or withdrawn.

Hazlewood Sandwiches | Going for growth by investing in people, products and plant