Building on a brand
A HMV UK case study

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Page 3: The importance of a brand

Branding helps make products and services distinctive from those offered by rivals. Brands are generally based around a trade name e.g. HMV, Coca-Cola and Nike. A brand will usually incorporate a logo e.g. 'Nipper' the dog listening to His Master's Voice through a gramophone.

Equally important, branding is about creating brand values that customers come to associate with the product. HMV's core brand values are based firmly on customer service - the company seeks to give people the widest possible access to recorded music and home entertainment products through:

  • outstanding product range across all genres
  • knowledgeable and dedicated staff
  • heritage & authority
  • support for British Artists and New Music.

These are qualities for which HMV is recognised, appreciated and trusted by its customers.

HMV UK | Building on a brand