Creating and launching a new product range
A Jeyes case study

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Page 4: Launching the new range

Products were developed to tackle specific garden tasks such as cleaning drains or garden furniture. The products included:

  • Jeyes Greenhouse Cleaner & Disinfectant
  • Jeyes Drain Cleaner & Freshener
  • Jeyes Garden Furniture Cleaner
  • Jeyes Path, Patio & Drive Cleaner.

It was important to carry brand recognition over into these products. The aim of the new range was to create products with impact that gave Jeyes a young image and build upon the Group's brand values. New packaging and graphics were developed for the range. Officially launched in late 1996, the heritage and personality of the brand were key characteristics in the promotion of the range. Jeyes had to be viewed as effective, reliable, strong, trustworthy and traditional. At the same time, however, the product benefits had to be communicated concisely to the younger market to distinguish the new products from older products.

Jeyes | Creating and launching a new product range