Devising a communications plan
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 4: Fitting the message to the audience

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The Kellogg’s breakfast club campaign had a number of key objectives which depended on promoting the right messages to different audiences. Key aspects of the campaign were not only to get messages across about the benefits of breakfast and breakfast clubs, but also to raise funds for the clubs through the sale of Kellogg’s products and to make schools aware of the available funding from Kellogg’s to support their breakfast clubs.

In order to achieve these objectives, Kellogg’s devised a communication plan for internal and external stakeholders. The main internal stakeholders being targeted were Kellogg’s employees. They were encouraged to get involved through information posted on the company intranet (internal communication). Employees were also invited to attend a breakfast club in the atrium of the Kellogg’s building with two local primary schools and then visit breakfast clubs that received funding from Kellogg’s.

However, the campaign was primarily designed for the needs of external audiences. These included:

  • Kelloggs 17 Image 4Schools – to alert them to the Kellogg’s grants available, inviting them to apply for funding.
  • The media – to generate excitement and press interest about the campaign and to increase public awareness of the issues involved.
  • Parents – to demonstrate Kellogg’s socially responsible stance and inform them how breakfast clubs could support their children.
  • Members of Parliament (MPs) – asking them to encourage schools in their constituencies (i.e. the area that they had been voted to represent) to apply for funding.
  • The public – to attract consumers to buy Kellogg’s products in order to generate additional funding for the breakfast club initiative.

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