Extending the product life cycle
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Successful businesses use all the tools at their disposal to stay at the top of their chosen market.

Kellogg's was able to use a number of business tools in order to successfully re-launch the Nutri-Grain brand. These tools included the product life cycle, Ansoff”s matrix and the marketing mix. Such tools are useful when used properly.

Kellogg's was able to see that although Nutri-Grain fitted its strategic profile a healthy, convenient cereal product it was underperforming in the market. This information was used, along with the aims and objectives of the business, to develop a strategy for continuing success.

Finally, when Kellogg's checked the growth of the re-launched product against its own objectives, it had met all its aims to:

  • re-position the brand through the use of the marketing mix
  • return the brand to growth
  • improve the frequency of purchase
  • introduce new customers to the brand.

Nutri-Grain remains a growing brand and product within the Kellogg's product family.

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