Developing employees as organisational assets
A Kingfisher case study

Page 1: Introduction

Kingfisher 6 Image 1Kingfisher plc is one of Europe’s leading retailers based around three main sectors - DIY, electrical and general merchandise. The company employs over 130,000 people in 2,900 stores across 15 countries and has some of the best known retail brands in Europe, including B&Q, Castorama, Comet, Darty, BUT, Woolworths and Superdrug among others.

Kingfisher is Europe’s leading DIY retailer and its third largest electricals business. It is also exploiting the opportunities of e-commerce through its new sector e-Kingfisher. This case study focuses on Kingfisher’s belief that employees are assets requiring growth and development.

Through the KMDS – Kingfisher Management Development Scheme – the company aims to produce managers with a sense of loyalty and pride in the organisation as a whole, as well as the flexibility to adapt to differing business cultures. Whilst the KMDS has been designed to recruit external graduates to the Group, it is now being adapted to recruit the best internal candidates as well.

Kingfisher | Developing employees as organisational assets


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