Using planning analysts at the centre of brand development
A Kraft Foods UK case study

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Page 3: Corporate goals, vision and strategies

The starting point for planning is to set a corporate goal or target. With this, a business sets out a vision of where it wants to be and how it wishes to be viewed by others. The Kraft vision is to be recognised as the undisputed leader in the global market for foods.

In pursuit of this aim, Kraft has devised strategies that are intended to ensure that:

  • its products become consumers' first choice
  • retailers and other customers view Kraft as an indispensable partner
  • it is well placed to form alliances
  • people are keen to work for the company
  • it is viewed as a responsible business enterprise
  • it is acknowledged as a high quality performer in its sector.

In order to achieve these goals Kraft aims to:

  • accelerate the growth of core brands
  • extend awareness of these brands into developing countries
  • strengthen the portfolio of brands
  • improve quality and service at the lowest cost
  • develop company values that are supported by committed employees.

To support these goals, Kraft has established a set of core values that help to guide employees. These set out the aspects of its day to day operations that are vital in helping it achieve its goals.

These values include:

  • a strong belief in staying focused
  • showing a willingness to innovate, demonstrating commitment
  • moving quickly to reach and implement decisions
  • practising teamwork
  • demonstrating trust and confidence in fellow employees
  • turning strong results orientation into a passion to win.

Within the context of this case study, these core values emphasise how it is essential that employees from all backgrounds and levels of experience work together to support the organisation's core brands.

To achieve its strategies/objectives and ultimately its mission Kraft has structured its organisation in 'Category Teams' to ensure a cross functional approach to its decision making. As a key member of this team the planning analysts physically sit within their teams to help communication and co-operation. This approach enables the planning analyst to be at the heart of the decision making process.

Kraft Foods UK | Using planning analysts at the centre of brand development