Using strategy and planning to measure, monitor and report performance
A Land Securities Group case study

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Page 5: Financial/non-financial reporting

Land Securities reports on both the financial and non-financial aspects of its performance to each of seven stakeholder groups. This is part of its corporate responsibility role. For example, Land Securities uses Customer Relationship Management programmes to manage relationships with its customers. Customer visits are also used as part of the reporting process. Land Securities uses the ways in which it deals with its customers to differentiate and distinguish itself from its competitors.

  • Health and safety: Regular articles about health and safety appear in Landmark, the in-house magazine. The company produces a health and safety plan each year and reports progress against objectives.
  • Shareholders: Land Securities communicates with its shareholders through its annual and corporate responsibility reports. Its website also plays an important role. Senior management meet regularly with investors to update them on the performance of the business.
  • Employees: Employees are kept informed about events within the business in many ways. Its in-house magazine, Landmark, deals with a whole range of business issues. Other means of communication are internal poster campaigns, employee conferences, intranet, weekly newsletters and mini campaigns. These are all designed to keep employees informed and up-to-date.
  • Suppliers: Suppliers are key stakeholders. In order to listen to their views, Land Securities holds supplier conferences. It also keeps suppliers up-to-date about developments within the industry. It uses a brochure outlining some of the approaches that Land Securities is taking on development issues.

  • Local communities: Land Securities consults with local communities throughout a development project. This goes from the earliest stage right through all the processes of construction. It communicates with local communities, local and national government representatives and pressure groups.
  • Environment: A recent conference report ed the progress made by Land Securities in managing the environment. The conference helped it to share its good practices and consider new ways of taking responsibility for the environment.

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