Reclaiming the identity of a brand
A Levi's case study

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Page 4: Creating a new brand mission and strategy

Levis 6 Diagram 3Given a downturn in the perception of the brand, brand managers at Levi’s came up with a new brand mission and the need to communicate this clearly to the target customer. The brand mission was: ‘to be the coolest and most profitable jeans brand’.

In order to succeed in this mission it is first necessary to reclaim leadership in the denim category with young people. Clear objectives were set for reversing the sales decline and re-building brand equity with target consumers (see fig below).

Creating a new brand strategy

This brand mission enabled Levi’s to develop a plan which involves successfully bringing together three key elements i.e. the product, communications with the consumer and the way in which Levi’s products are presented in retail outlets. The marketing planning process involves gaining a clear understanding of the consumer architecture (i.e. the structure of the correct product to the correct consumer), enabling Levi’s to identify the various sectors of the jeans market. With this information carefully mapped out, it is possible to get the brand architecture right - i.e. to produce the right jeans for each segment of the market.

Levis 6 Diagram 4The consumer architecture map shows the key groups of 15-34 year old consumers in Western Europe. At the top are the fashion leaders. It is through the fashion leaders that Levi’s seeks to influence the rest of the market. Levi’s has designed various brands to appeal to different segments of the jeans market. Product innovations are then designed to appeal to and positively influence each of the relevant groupings.

Finally, it is important to use retail segmentation to target Levi’s products at the consumer correctly - in other words, to get the right product to the relevant consumer shops. A high level of sophistication is required to ensure that appropriate retail outlets stock the relevant brands. This is all part of the process of successful brand management.

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