Managing financial risk
A London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

London International Financial Futures And Options 2 Image 7This case study provides a fascinating insight into the work of LIFFE. It is one of the most colourful markets existing in the world today, but it is one with a very serious purpose. LIFFE makes it possible for organisations like Building Societies, which have always operated on a prudent basis, to avoid taking risks with their members’ or shareholders’ money.

This case study has highlighted just one of the important products traded by LIFFE. There are many more. The products that are traded at LIFFE are based on a wide variety of international interest rate and equity products denominated in the world’s leading currencies.

With interest rate contracts denominated in Sterling, Deutschmark, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, ECU and Italian lira, LIFFE provides the most comprehensive range of financial futures and option products of any exchange in the world. In addition to these interest rate contracts, LIFFE provides options on over 70 UK equities, a futures contract and options on the FT-SE 100 Index and a future on the FT-SE Mid 250 Index. LIFFE has also recently merged with the London Commodity Exchange, now offering LIFFE Commodity Products on Cocoa, Coffee, White Sugar, Wheat, Barley, Potatoes and Baltic Freight.

London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange | Managing financial risk