Managing stock to meet customer needs
A McDonald's Restaurants case study

Page 5: Benefits to customers and restaurants

things that improve the costomer experianceThe centralised stock management system generates many benefits. Many of these are for restaurants and Restaurant Managers. However, customers also benefit through improved customer experience customers can eat a quality product, in a clean environment, when they want it.

Benefits include:

  1. Restaurants avoid running out of stock. As a result, customers can always receive what they order.
  2. The system eliminates inexperience in the ordering. The system enables a new Restaurant Manager to ensure the order is right first time.
  3. Time saved in ordering as the system calculates how much is required.
  4. Orders are based on the current stocks. The Restaurant Manager simply inputs the current stock level.
  5. Less waste means food costs are reduced. This cost saving is then passed on in better value for money for customers.
  6. The amount of stock ordered for promotions is more accurate, being based on past performance.
  7. There is a reduction in the need for emergency deliveries, saving money.
  8. Stock levels are always at optimum level, helping to ensure sales and the freshest product.
  9. Stock can be reduced automatically at the end of a promotion, avoiding too much stock.

McDonald's Restaurants | Managing stock to meet customer needs

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