Developing a customer focused sales strategy
A MFI Furniture Group case study

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Mfi Furniture Group 2 Image 2MFI is one of Europe's leading furniture manufacturers/retailers, with over 250 retail outlets throughout the UK and mainland Europe. As a vertically integrated company, MFI manufactures over 50of its total product portfolioand has ownership and exclusive use of the three top brand names in the market place.

In June 1993 the MFI Sales Division launched a strategy for long-term success. The strategy is designed to provide a shared and focused direction, through the clear communication and implementation of measurable initiatives. Implementation is resulting in enormous cultural, physical and operational change which continues today, all of which is necessary to ensure that customers consistently receive the highest level of service available. This is achieved by all employees throughout the organisation in satisfying the total requirements of every customer whether internal or external.

Organisations have both internal and external customers. The truth is that the quality of products and service provided by employees to each other internally is directly reflected in the quality of products and service offered to the consumer. For example, if an employee makes an enquiry to another department within the organisation they should expect to be treated with the same respect as a customer making an enquiry from outside the organisation. This total business approach helps to foster true teamwork and develop total customer care. A simple but effective philosophy is

"treat other people the way you expect to be treated"

MFI Sales Division launched a series of Business Statements designed to communicate its Mission, Vision, Team Values and Commitment to Quality Service.