Developing a customer focused sales strategy
A MFI Furniture Group case study

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Page 8: Responses and remedies to customer complaints

At every point MFI seeks comments from its customers. It is well known that the majority of British customers are unlikely to complain and only show their dissatisfaction by never returning to make another purchase. There is also a common belief that if a customer receives poor service they will tell approximately twelve other people about their experience whilst customers receiving good service will only tell four!

MFI encourages customers to comment on the services and products it offers, not only through questionnaires or forums but also through daily contact with employees. Line management and staff alike are encouraged to speak to their customers throughout the purchasing cycle to ensure that they are satisfied with everything that is happening.

Not only this, but a percentage of customers are contacted by Branch Management after their purchase to ensure that they have enjoyed their shopping experience. In addition, written communications are displayed throughout each store about the products, service and guarantees MFI offers. The customer receipt also offers a message which reaffirms MFI's commitment to seek comments from customers.

The desire to achieve 100customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything MFI does. MFI continues to work at ensuring all of its customers are satisfied and whilst it still receives complaints regarding its products and services there is a deep and lasting commitment to get it right first time, every time.