Developing competitive advantage through customer service
A Morrisons case study

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Page 5: The benefits of customer service

unp-wm-27085-tamworth-04Morrisons focuses on developing colleagues in order to satisfy customers in the best way possible. Colleagues are encouraged to engage with customers and help them to feel that they are a part of the Morrisons’ family. This helps create loyal customers by offering the best fresh produce and excellent customer service. Colleagues are trained to help play a key role in delivering good customer service. Colleagues are therefore an integral part of the customer service offering and their training helps them to deliver this. The high levels of customer service at Morrisons leads to satisfied customers and repeat trade, with the number of customers visiting the store up from 10.5 million to 11 million per week.

Supporting business objectives

It can be seen that good customer service feeds directly into strategies for improved business performance and business growth. The emphasis placed on customer service also helps with colleague motivation. When colleagues receive positive customer feedback, this makes them proud which in turn motivates them to deliver even better customer service. Praise from customers fed back to colleagues is one of the key positive outcomes of delivering quality customer service for any colleague at Morrisons.




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