Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future
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Another key stakeholder group is the airports for which NATS provides services. These include some of the most well known and important UK airports, including Heathrow and Manchester. Heathrow is the third busiest airport in the world, with almost half a million air transport movements a year. 2013 was its busiest ever year with NATS responsible for handling the movements of over 72 million passengers.

The airports with which NATS works are routinely invited to meet with representatives of the Nats 19 Image 4company. Their presence at meetings means that a good, clear and transparent relationship is built. This transparency helps to create good levels of trust between NATs and its stakeholders. Even though such levels of transparency may also bring challenges, NATS still thinks that being equal partners with key stakeholders is the best way to go. As a part privatised company, NATS understands that customers are its lifeblood. It needs to ensure that customer needs are met and that these key stakeholders are kept satisfied and informed.

NATS | Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future


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