Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future
A NATS case study

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Page 2: Stakeholders

Stakeholders are the people or groups who have a stake or interest in the success and performance of a business. They include two broad types of groups: those who are directly involved with the organisation—internal stakeholders; the other is those that have an interest in the business, but are further away from it—external stakeholders.

Nats 19 Image 6For NATS, their internal stakeholders include their employees, and their customers. The external stakeholders of NATS include suppliers, such as IT providers, governments and national and international air traffic regulators. Stakeholders have a two-way relationship with the business in which they have a stake. For example, IT suppliers will want to sell their latest equipment to NATS, whilst NATS will want to know that it can trust the efficiency of the supplier, from meeting delivery dates to ensuring that it is buying the best quality software and equipment. Another example of the complex relationship is provided by NATS’ dealings with governments. NATS provides a national and public service but is a PPP company working with Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airlines, airports and governments in over 30 countries. In the rest of Europe, apart from the UK, airports are state owned, so NATS also has to respond to European and International regulations. This means that it has to see what new regulations may be in the pipeline, and make advance plans to respond to them.

NATS | Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future