Meeting responsibilities to stakeholders
A Nuclear Decommissioning Authority case study

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Page 5: The business benefits of protecting the workforce

Meeting or exceeding legal requirements creates a number of business benefits for NDA. These include:

  • reduced rates of absence. NDA sites have lower levels of absence from sickness than the national average.
  • increased motivation of employees. Employees who feel safe and secure have confidence in their employer. They are likely to work harder. This creates a more productive and profitable business.

NDA has a significant training programme in H&S responsibilities. For example drivers are provided with advanced driving courses.

  • the business is protected from claims. NDA operates a safety management system to record, report and act on issues. The result is that there are fewer claims against NDA.
  • business goals of operating in a safe and secure way are met.
  • NDA being seen in a favourable light by its stakeholders. For example, by NDA carrying out waste management and cleaning contaminated land, the local communities are made safer.

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority | Meeting responsibilities to stakeholders