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Doing Better By The Environment
A Nestlé case study

Page 5: Nestle As A Sustainable Business

As the world's largest food company, Nestlé S.A. is dedicated to providing consumers with the best food throughout their lives. The primary role of the Company is the transformation of natural resources into finished products that meet consumers's expectations for safety, quality, convenience and value. Naturally, Nestlé is committed to sustainable development and environmentally sound business practices. The key drivers for Nestlé's worldwide environmental approach are:

  • total compliance with all lawsand regulations in all countries where it operates
  • that Nestlé seeks to provide a leadership role - to establish the benchmark for good business practice

By committing resources, both human and financial, to secure environmental targets, including:

  • employing new technologies and processes
  • measuring the costs and benefits to the business of its activities
  • ensuring employees are aware of best practice.

To be effective a programme of environmental improvement must be supported by practical management systems. Nestlé's worldwide approach, therefore, has been to:

  • set targets for environmental improvements
  • monitor progress
  • audit results
  • review targets.

Nestlé | Doing Better By The Environment

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