Encouraging innovation through intellectual property rights
A Patent Office case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The Patent Office is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the national framework of intellectual property rights. It also represents the United Kingdom’s interests in the development of international intellectual property rights systems.

The main objectives of the Patent Office are to:

  • grant intellectual property rights • promote and supervise moves to modernise and simplify the law on intellectual property
  • work towards the harmonisation of international rules and procedures
  • raise awareness of British industry and business to the opportunities provided by intellectual property to enhance their profitability and competitiveness
  • ensure the academic community are aware of the potential rewards for exploitation of research
  • provide services that combine quality with good value for money.

A healthy business environment is one where original ideas flourish and turn into business opportunities. The Government’s white paper on competitiveness has emphasised the importance of knowledge at the heart of competitive activity. The Patent Office gives confidence to enterprising people in the business sector by providing protection against copying for their original ideas.

Patent Office | Encouraging innovation through intellectual property rights