Competing in a highly regulated environment


Most UK citizens are familiar with the National Lottery and its potential for making millionaires of people who manage to select the ‘winning’ 6 numbers out of the 49 available, at odds of around 14 million to 1. Of course, many people win the smaller prizes; each week there are usually more than 1 million winners from among the 29 million participants. The National Lottery was launched on 14 November 1994, with the first live draw five days later. Under the Act of Parliament that set it up, the National Lottery is operated under licence by a private sector company. The original 7 year licence to operate the Lottery was awarded to the Camelot Group plc. It then succeeded in winning the licence for a further 7 years in December 2000, granted by the National Lottery Commission. Under the terms of its licence, Camelot is required to operate the National Lottery in an efficient and socially responsible way, protecting both players and the integrity of the lottery, and to ensure that it generates the maximum amount of money for the Good Causes which are designated by Parliament. Camelot does not determine which charities and Good Causes receive the revenue it…

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