Meeting customer needs for competitive advantage
A Portakabin case study

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Page 4: Communication with customers

Having developed a range of new products and services, it is important that everyone within the company is familiar with these developments (internal communication) so that they can better communicate with current and potential customers (external communication). Internal communications media include a newsletter that informs employees of new and ongoing projects and important events. Notice boards are attractively set out to give clear visual messages and soon a poster campaign will begin promoting the importance of good customer service. The company also holds regional conferences known as Update roadshows for enhanced face-to-face communication. Roadshows are held in Europe for subsidiaries in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

External communication is focused on the customer. Literature is designed to be visual and directed so it is easy for customers to appreciate the prime benefits for themselves. The website is a hugely powerful communications tool and a successful and cost effective media. The company uses different media depending on the purpose of the communication.

The effectiveness of external communications is constantly monitored, e.g. measuring the number of sales leads generated by the website. By monitoring the number of responses to external communications it is possible to ensure that money is spent on media that work.

Portakabin | Meeting customer needs for competitive advantage