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Page 2: The magazine industry

In the magazine industry there is a traditional distinction broadly identifying two types of magazines. This divides magazines into 'consumer titles' which provide readers with leisure-time information and entertainment or 'business and professional titles' providing readers with information relating to their working lives.

Readers Digest 2 Diagram 1Today more than 80% of adults within the UK regularly read a consumer magazine. Consumers expect communications from around the globe which help them to be aware of and understand opportunity and choice as well as current affairs, which helps them to all be put into perspective.

Over the last decade the whole magazine industry has gone through a period of rapid growth. In fact over this period the total number of magazines published within the UK has increased by 33%, characterising a regenerative process with new titles launched as others close down and since 1991 consumer spending on magazines has increased by 43%. British Rate and Data (BRAD), a marketing and publishing agency which provides comprehensive information about the media, lists more than 6500 titles which take advertising.

Over recent years a characteristic of magazine publishing has been to develop more than one ‘revenue stream.’ Most magazines derive their income not just from the sale of copies but also from the sale of advertising space. To be able to do this, magazine publishers need to know about and understand who reads their publications so that they can provide advertisers with not just the opportunity to build coverage and target specific audiences, but also the advantage of being associated with a unique reader-magazine relationship.

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