The role of training and development in career progression
A Redrow case study

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Page 4: Development

Redrow is firmly committed to developing its staff; a key element of its development process is a comprehensive appraisal system. An appraisal involves a manager meeting with his or her staff and discussing their individual progress against previously agreed targets. Any improvements from training are noted and then a new set of targets are agreed for the next phase of the employee’s appraisal cycle. Appraisal is a vital element in helping individuals to enhance their personal qualities and competencies to enable them to grow and move into more challenging, higher level roles. It also improves productivity, efficiency and highlights potential for promotion as well as being a motivator in terms of self esteem and achievement.

Redrow 19 Image 1At Redrow, there are a variety of opportunities for progression available. Senior management have developed a range of programmes that support its employees in their desire for growth and progression. For example, the graduate programme has recruited 36 staff in the past three years. All graduate trainees have a senior manager as a mentor and undertake projects on behalf of the main board of directors. The intensive nature of the programme has resulted in five of the six 2011 cohort moving into middle management positions.

Another aspect of development at Redrow involves the Management Development programme. So far over 50 Redrow managers have successfully completed the programme with a further 45 progressing through it. This initiative helps select employees earmarked as future managers. The programme develops the skills needed to effectively and professionally manage others and deliver the best possible results in line with the expectations of the company. As with any management programme, it focuses on leadership, teamwork, communication, managing change, solving problems and delivering results. Karen Jones, Group Human Resources Director, states:

By investing in our existing employees through our Trainee Site Assistant Programme, Sales Management Trainee programme, and Management Development programme we help employees to improve their knowledge and skills, gain new qualifications and achieve their full potential, whilst ensuring that the business has the calibre of workforce needed to grow and prosper.’

Redrow 19 Image 2Clearly, Redrow’s employees and the company benefit greatly from the training and development programmes. In particular, the staff are keenly aware of their respective roles and responsibilities and this is considered in the next section.

Redrow | The role of training and development in career progression