Releasing the talents of employees


This case study focuses on the way in which ICI, one of the UK’s best known companies, has maximised the potential of its people in recent times. ICI has established some clear guiding principles which provide an object lesson for any business which seeks to be effective in today’s competitive business climate. Today, all this has changed and nowhere more so than at ICI’s operating units throughout the world. At ICI, the new philosophy is to move decision making increasingly away from the centre, to individual businesses and in individual businesses to individuals and teams. Empowered employees will be best able to help the organisation to meet its objectives. Provided employees understand the objectives of an organisation and are encouraged to help the organisation to meet these objectives, then they will be able to help the organisation by introducing their ideas and solutions to problems. In the next illustration you can see that empowered employees can start with all sorts of ideas which then bubble up within the organisation to help it achieve its values and goals. This will only work provided that the organisation has a clear enough structure to enable new ideas to bubble up. ICI is a…

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