The role of training and development in career progression
A Redrow case study

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Redrow ensures low employee turnover levels by offering extensive staff development opportunities. These range from building and selling new homes, to roles in architecture and design, quantity surveying, accountancy, conveyancing, HR, customer service, marketing, IT and office administration. With some apprenticeship and graduate schemes on completion there are no full time jobs available, however this is not the case at Redrow. All the graduates and many of the apprentices have been employed within the organisation and career progression has been a key benefit for all involved.  The involvement of Redrow’s staff in a variety of community projects also demonstrates how its commitment to corporate social responsibility is incorporated into its training and development programmes.

Redrow 19 Image 3Its graduate and undergraduate programmes use community based projects to provide the training element for teamwork and leadership skills. Graduates have worked with LATCH this year (a children’s cancer charity in Wales) and undergraduates have been engaged with the Delamere Cancer Centre in Cheshire. Five graduate trainees from Redrow recently spent three days refurbishing accommodation at Cardiff’s University Hospital for LATCH. The team worked together to transform one bedroom, two lounges and a boardroom at the hospital. Completing a community-based project forms part of the group’s 15-month training programme with Redrow. Conor Roberts, 24, is based at the divisional head office in Cardiff.Conor, commenting on his role, said:

‘We had to think on our feet and draw on the wide range of skills we have developed over the course of the Redrow graduate training scheme. While negotiation and communication were vital, we also learnt to be flexible, manage our time and to work effectively to a tight deadline. We successfully completed the project without any budget, and seeing the impact of the finished accommodation on the children and families at LATCH was incredibly rewarding.’

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This clearly shows how Redrow’s investment in training and development has a positive impact on both employees and the local community. 

Redrow | The role of training and development in career progression