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Investing in people and in brands

In the modern world, brands are as important as the products they represent. Customers only trust reputable brands, so maintaining their brand’s reputation is a key objective for a successful business. At the heart of any organisation are the human resources – the people, who through their skills and expertise, help create the brand image of an organisation. Today we use the term intelligent organisations to describe the way in which organisations develop a competitive edge through recruiting, selecting, training and developing highly skilled and intelligent people. This Case Study focuses on how one of the world’s best known motor car Brands – Audi – is helping its independent franchised dealerships (known as Audi Centres) with a host of issues relating to their employees. By investing in this group of skilled people Audi is also investing in the future of its Brand.

Investing in people and in brands

The Brand grew strongly in 2004 with an outstanding 75% increase in new car sales in the last five years. This means a requirement for more staff in the Audi Centres. Audi UK introduced a Recruitment Service in 2003 to support Audi Centres recruit in larger numbers and employ quality staff to help decrease the employee turnover rate.

What the Brand stands for

The heritage of a prestige brand is important – research has shown that Audi drivers like to be associated with a long and successful prestige Brand. This prestige is reflected not only in the cars but also in the independent Audi Centres which sell the cars and service them for customers.

Audi originated in Germany in 1909 when it was founded by August Horch. The name Audi first appeared on a car in 1910. Right from the start, the company was known for its innovation, a notable example being the introduction of headlights that turned sideways to reduce drag – somewhat of an innovation for 1912!

Investing in people and in brands