The role of training and development in career progression
A Redrow case study

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Page 2: Workforce planning

The world of work is an ever changing environment requiring constant monitoring and review. There are many issues that businesses face in respect of its labour needs. The main ones include:
• staff development and training;
• employee turnover;
• competition;
• government legislation.

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The building industry is highly competitive, has a high labour turnover rate and, like many industries, is vulnerable to changes in the external environment. Workforce planning enables businesses to anticipate their labour needs and meet customers’ requirements effectively. Workforce planning helps determine the business’ present and future labour needs by measuring the number of workers and their skills. Anticipating workforce requirements within the construction industry is especially important due to the highly skilled and specialist nature of the work. Having assessed labour needs, strategies are devised to achieve the specific labour targets.

Statistics derived from Redrow’s staffing review show the importance of workforce planning and training:
• Staff engaged in over 3000 total training days for the last financial year.
• Overall 14% of its workforce is employed as trainees.
• 14.8% of its employees are under 25 (this contrasts greatly with the high UK unemployment rate for this age group).

Redrow 19 Image 7To maintain its workforce at the required standards, Redrow recognised that apprenticeships were vital to ensure a pipeline of future talent into the business. Apprenticeships also enable Redrow to contribute to reducing the high levels of UK youth unemployment. It has subsequently trained a significant number of apprentices in the past ten years, training employees, however, is costly so businesses must aim to retain staff once they have trained them.

The following sections demonstrate how, in practical terms, Redrow engages its employees through a variety of training and development programmes.

Redrow | The role of training and development in career progression