Building a single brand
A Rexam case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Rexam 7 Image 4Following the period of acquisition and divestment to focus Rexam’s business on consumer packaging, Rexam is now an integrated company with an integrated single brand strategy. The ongoing emphasis, therefore, is on strengthening the Rexam brand and culture. This is based upon a worldwide identity and a common understanding of Rexam’s values and beliefs.

The company is convinced that in today’s world of change and uncertainty, building and sustaining a brand, a distinctive identity that differentiates a relevant, credible and, not least, enduring promise of value, is one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage. In its view, successful brands provide a strong platform from which to launch products, and help to attract and keep customers and employees.

Rexam | Building a single brand