Building a single brand
A Rexam case study

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Page 3: Single brand strategy

Rexam 7 Image 3To reflect the concentration on consumer packaging, Rexam decided to adopt a more focused approach to the way it presented itself to its customers, employees and other stakeholders and opted for a single brand strategy. Previously, Rexam’s various manufacturing companies and divisions had been allowed to operate freely under the Rexam umbrella using their own names and brands.

A single Rexam brand would represent the same promise of value and the same positive associations wherever and whenever customers came into contact with the company. This was becoming increasingly important in a world where Rexam’s customers were revising their supply strategies to concentrate on a reduced number of global suppliers. In many instances, various Rexam companies were supplying to large global customers under different names. By rallying under a single banner, Rexam demonstrated focus and an appearance of scale to existing and potential customers.

Importantly, the single brand strategy also provided a common focal point for the various companies that had been brought together to build the new Rexam group, and it was more cost effective to maintain a single brand rather than a multiplicity of names.

Rexam | Building a single brand