Developing a communications strategy
A Roche case study

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This case study examines the way that a multi-product, multi-national company has developed an integrated Corporate Publicity Programme to improve communications both externally and internally.

Sponsoring the Body Zone within the Millennium Dome has enabled Roche to build on its reputation as a major player in the British healthcare market, increase brand awareness, and move towards becoming a household name.

Roche is a large multi-national Swiss pharmaceutical and healthcare company which produces a wide range of healthcare products. It has been operating in the UK for the past 90 years and now employs around 3,000 people in the UK (55,000 worldwide).

Roche 6 Diagram 1Roche has a multi-divisional organisational structure, with four separate business divisions based at various locations throughout the UK. Each division has a high degree of control over the way it runs its business:

  1. The Diagnostics Division develops, produces and markets systems to improve the detection, evaluation and monitoring of disease.
  2. The Pharmaceuticals Division develops, produces and markets prescription drugs to combat human disease.
  3. The Consumer Health Division concentrates on some of the best known over-the-counter pharmaceutical brands, including Sanatogen®, Rennie®, Redoxon® and Aspro®.
  4. The Vitamins Division manufactures and markets a range of vitamins and mixes for animal and human nutrition, food production, healthcare and cosmetics industries.

Roche is the market leader in three of these four business areas. It is the second largest foreign investor in UK healthcare, and ploughs back more than 20% of its turnover into research and development.

Roche has pioneered an integrated approach to its products, based around a ‘cycle of care’. Research helps Roche to identify the people most at risk from a particular disease. The company then provides targeted screening tests that show when this predisposition might lead to illness. Hopefully, this knowledge will help prevent the disease from developing. When someone already has a disease, fast and accurate diagnosis is the best way to provide effective treatment. At the same time, monitoring therapy allows medicines and treatment to be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. This leads to a feeling of wellbeing which is supported by Roche’s other product lines.

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